Frequently Asked Questions


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Can you guarantee the time of delivery?
Not the time, but the day, yes. All deliveries ordered by 10AM online, can be delivered the same day or later if requested.
Is #2 Fuel Oil different from 1 source to another?
No - the only difference is the cost. All #2 Fuel Oil is the same. You just some times over pay depending on the delivery company.
Is there anything required of me as a customer other than payment?
Yes - If the burner needs to be restarted, someone must be at home. The vent alarm must work, a clean and accessible path to the fill must be provided.
Does paying cash help?
Yes - up can save up to $.03 more for paying in cash.
Do you keep records of previous deliveries?
All deliveries are kept on our computers and we can forward you anything you require about past deliveries.
Can I purchase fuel oil from you for my commercial building or business?
No - There are more taxes and requirements for commercial deliveries. We specialize only in home delivery of #2 Fuel Oil.
Do you provide burner service?
Not directly, but if you "click here" you will be taken to a page that shows you a list of qualified burner service companies that we have worked with for years and recommend.
Does that mean you will not restart our burner?
We are insured to prime and attempt a restart for a fee of $20. Which we will gladly do if someone is home. However, if a jet is clogged or worse you will have to get a service person to come in.